Lunch service

During the lunch break, children who take their meals in the school can either bring their own meals or use the lunch service. This service operates throughout the school year.
Registration is contracted for the year; it may be contracted or cancelled mid-year, it being understood that any trimester started is due in its entirety. Registration or cancellation must be communicated by e-mail to
at the latest 10 days before the last day of class of the previous trimester.
Only definitive mid-year departure from the LFIK makes families eligible for cancellation at the end of the month rather than the end of the trimester.
One month per year is allowed as a trial period. Cancellation of the service is possible until 10 days before the end of this trial period by email to In case of cancellation of the service, only this month will be charged to the family.
The type of lunch box is determined by the child’s class. The LFIK is not able to offer personalized menus to accommodate allergies or other dietary restrictions, and will not accommodate any such requests.
Registration is for all days of the week. Occasional cancellation of the service is not eligible for a refund.


Tarifs 2022-2023 :

Lunch Service—Maternelle Classes (MONTHLY FEE) 8’600 ¥
Lunch Service—Other Classes MONTHLY FEE 12’040 ¥