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French International School Kyoto

French International School Kyoto

Created in 1997, the French International School Kyoto (Lycée Français International de Kyoto) is a French school abroad approved by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, which teaches the official programs in accordance with the requirements and values of the French educational system.

Our school is also under agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger – AEFE), a public operator under the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

School of excellence,
our goal is for every student to succeed, whether French-speaking or not, and we provide support suited to the level, pace and choices of each student.

School of openness,
we cultivate a multilingual and multicultural environment and put the fluency in French and the learning of foreign languages at the heart of our practices.

School of citizenship,
we offer a supportive and caring intergenerational setting, rich in academic and extracurricular projects, so that everyone can develop their critical thinking skills and grow as individuals.

Studying at the LFIK means:

  • benefitting from an education that best prepares for internationally recognized state exams.
  • being able, at any time, to continue studying in France or in any other French establishment abroad.
  • having the opportunity to study in the best schools and universities in France and abroad.


brevet and bac: 100% success

The LFIK is open to all age groups, from Petite Section – Nursery (2-3 years old) to Terminale – 12th grade (17-18 years old) and welcomes students of all nationalities, whether they speak French or not.

The school year starts in September, but it is possible to join us thoughout the school year.
Kindergarten education is mandatory in France. As true learning cycle in which French is the main language of instruction, kindergarten stimulates and structures oral language and gently introduces skills for first grade (reading, writing, counting) so that the students can then begin primary school with more confidence.

NON-French speakers Welcome!
Your child doesn’t speak French? No problem!

We will set up a tailor-made plan. The French as a Second Language (FLSco) program meets the needs of non-French speaking students who are new to the language or have a partial understanding of it, so that they receive the necessary support for a fulfilling education. For each child, an adapted weekly schedule is defined and set up in consultation with the parents. The number of hours per week is determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to change according to the student’s progress.
Our language courses meet both the requirements of the French program and the specificities of a French school abroad, including the mandatory study of the host country’s language.

Two language courses are offered to families: English and Japanese. Each pathway aims to reinforce the learning and mastery of the chosen language by offering a volume of practice hours in addition to the regulatory hours and courses in French curriculum subjects taught in foreign languages. The courses are set up as early as kindergarten and constitute a progressive system, with a weekly volume adapted to each age group (from 30 minutes to 4 hours of language per week).

Our PRIO (Personnel Ressource en Information et Orientation – person in charge of information and course guidance), the school office and the teaching team actively support the secondary school students in designing an information and course road map in order to define a consistent personal project related to higher education or professional goals in France, Japan or in the rest of the world.

  • Regular meetings related to career choice.
  • Quarterly meetings with professionals from diverse industries.
  • Help with choosing internships and optional courses.
  • Mentorship regarding the Parcoursup platform.

The LFIK is a dynamic school, rich in events and in sports, artistic and cultural projects. The school year is punctuated by educational outings and visits, convivial events bringing together students and families, and celebrations honoring the different cultures represented in the school: Christmas, Tsukimi, Halloween, Setsubun, Carnival, Tanabata…

Students also participate in the AEFE’s interzone projects which give them the opportunity to work as a team, developp friendships and sometimes even travel to the Asia-Pacific zone to meet their peers: soccer or volleyball sports tournaments, Nuit du Code (Coding Night), Semaine des Lycées Français du Monde (World’s French High School Week)…

Because the LFIK is committed to developing the curiosity and creativity of its students, a wide range of activities is offered during lunchtime or after school, for all age groups. The offer of extracurricular activities (APS) is renewed every year and includes sports and martial arts, artistic, manual and physical classes: theater, soccer, sewing, aikido, arts&crafts, guitar, boxing, dance, baby gym, magic…
APS in English and Japanese, accessible regardless of the language options, also enhance language practice.

During school breaks, holiday camp is open to students from kindergarten to 6th grade. Sports, crafting, games, cooking workshops or day trips are opportunities for the children to meet up with their friends in a fun, instructive and secure environment.



French schools abroad form a network of over 580 establishments in 139 countries.



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