Situated in the heart of Kyoto, the “Lycée français international de Kyoto” bring together a community of french families, french-japanese families and other french speaking families.

Created 20 years ago, the school is born from the conviction that the french language mastery is a key force in children education and also from the desire to give them the chance to grow up in the variety of the French culture.

The “Lycée français international de Kyoto” is a school recognized by the French Ministry of National Education.

It offers an education according the instructions, programs and french official plannings. Homologated by the “Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger” (AEFE), the school lean on this dynamic network to form teachers and develop it’s actions.

The school’s pedagogic project following differents points : mastering both the french and japanese language, linguistic and cultural exchanges with Japan, learning about communication technologies, health education, sustainability and citizenship, students individual help and help to build their personality.

Today, the LFIK have 170 students between his walls.

Growing thanks to the time and skills from everyone, the LFIK bring together a community of parents and teachers working for the school to be, to each child, a learning living place for exchanges and development.

LFIK Brochure


French schools in foreign countries creating a network of more than 522 schools between 139 countries.

They are taking in charge 320 000 students, whith almost 115 000 French ones, according to latest informations from the AEFE. Why such success ?

Learning french, it’s opening your mind to a universal culture and language, travelling between arts, science, literature, and philosophy.

Analytic language helping to structure thoughts and help developing critic spirit, french teach how to argue, introduce and present shades of differents visions. Particulary useful in diplomacy. It’s recognized as one of the two official languages in ONU and also in a lot of international organizations.

Convey exchanges and sharing, french contribute linguistic diversity in the world and advantage the learning of other latin languages such as English.